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Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats gives you the ability to control your thermostat from your pocket! No more wasting your hard-earned money to cool or heat an empty house. With a smart thermostat, you can adjust the temperature of your home from virtually anywhere.

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You may not think that changing the temperature just a few degrees during the day would have such a major impact, but once you receive your first utility bill, you will be amazed by all your savings.

A smart thermostat is a WIFI enabled thermostat that allows you to control your comfort from virtually anywhere. You can control your thermostat from any smart device: a smartphone, tablet, PC – the options are endless.

What makes them so “smart” is they practically learn your behaviors. For example, you can program the thermostat to cut off after you leave for work, and then start running again, with just enough time to make your home cool and refreshing (or cozy and warm, depending on the season) by the time you get home.

Say goodbye to the days of forgetting to set your thermostat before leaving for work or going on vacation. With a thermostat connected to WIFI, you can set the right temperature with just a few quick clicks. Or forget about setting it every morning, and instead program your thermostat to adjust the temperature specifically towards your needs. Make a schedule so it runs when you’re home and doesn’t when you’re gone. Because who wants to spend money heating or cooling a vacant building?

Even better, your smart thermostat will show you energy consumption in real-time. You will know how much energy you’re using, right when you use it. You can then tweak the programming to save you money.

The smart thermostat will also show you exactly how long it will take to make any changes you’ve requested. So, if you’re dying to get out of the heat in the middle of summer and you hastily crank down the AC, you will know exactly how long it will be before you feel cool and refreshed.

The next time you say you’re going to get rid of that old dial thermostat once and for all, consider a smart thermostat for more savings to your wallet and the perfect temperatures in your home.