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Piping for Gas Fireplaces

Can you imagine a chilly winter night, surrounded by friends gathered around a crackling fire? You can see the flames moving as you feel the warmth they offer. Nothing can really top that, but a modern gas fireplace can come pretty close. Plus it can do so, inside the comfort of your own home.

A gas fireplace offers you a great way to heat your home and simplify your life. Fires are effective at providing heat, but require time and attention to start and maintain. This is where gas fireplaces might become a better choice.

First of all, gas fireplaces burn cleanly, which means less hassle for you. No more carrying heavy, dirty pieces of wood through the house to be fuel for the fireplace. You never have to deal with a pile of ashes or burnt wood after enjoying the fire either.

Another benefit is that everything nearby doesn’t smell like smoke, as gas fireplaces don’t pollute the air like typical fires. Which means that your clothes don’t smell like smoke, and that’s true for everything else nearby, such as furniture.

Gas fireplaces can also be an easier alternative for installation than a traditional fireplace. While a traditional fireplace requires a full chimney, which can be expensive and complicated to install in your home, a gas fireplace just requires piping in and exhaust vents out. When you have professionals like G+S to install your piping, too, the process gets a lot easier.

With a gas fireplace, you get all of the warmth and none of the hassle. It’s a clean, efficient alternative to home heating.

Talking about avoiding the hassle, you can also have a raging fire and all the warmth you want at the flick of a switch. By fueling the fire through natural gas, you have a constant fuel source on tap at all times. Natural gas is safe and effective. The fire you want without the waiting.

At G+S Energy we have everything you need to make a gas fireplace an enjoyable feature in your home. We are experienced at installing units and the piping required to get a fire started warming your home.

If you are considering a gas fireplace in your home, contact our experts at G+S Energy today. We can help assess the best ways to make it a reality. No two homes are the same, so we will help you find the perfect setup for yours.