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Packaged Systems

Are you limited when it comes to space and looking for your ideal heating and cooling option? A packaged heating and cooling system could be exactly what you have been searching for!

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Packaged systems are powerful, efficient, and compact, designed to fit your home’s needs seamlessly. As opposed to a split-system with separate heating and cooling units, packaged systems combine both a heat pump or gas furnace with an air conditioning system. With this packaged technology, one system will be able to handle anything, from your sunroom at home to your entire office building.

Packaged systems come with a lot of flexibility and choice, though. For instance, you can choose to put your unit on the ground or the roof of your home or business. This way, you can choose the most out-of-the-way or unobtrusive place for your system. Have you had problems with your HVAC system being too loud in the past? With a packaged system, you can put it wherever it will be quietest.

Another advantage of a packaged system is its compact size, which allows for maximum energy efficiency of both your heating and air conditioning unit. This feature allows you to stay efficient year round, from the hot summer season to the chilly winter months, saving you more money every year. To increase your savings even more, contact G+S today to have one of our expert’s access and select the right packaged system to fit your unique home or business size.

Packaged systems are a great option for many spaces. We understand, though, that choosing the right packaged system for your specific needs and budget can be confusing and difficult. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We would be happy to go over any concerns and to evaluate your needs to find the options that fit your space best!

After the decision process is finished you can trust the knowledgeable G+S installation experts to get your new HVAC system up and running correctly the first time.

Contact G+S today (704.933.2256) to find out even more about the packaged systems we offer.