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Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces are tried and true - they offer a type of heat that some homeowners and business owners prefer. If you are a creature of habit, these furnaces produce the heat that you may have grown up with and learned to love. It offers that familiar cozy, comfort – maybe it reminds you of Grandma’s house during a cold winter storm.

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You can always count on consistent, comfortable warmth with an oil furnace. Oil equipment provides more heat per BTU than other heating sources. It is an efficient furnace and can manage high temperatures to battle our cold North Carolina winters. You’ll always have your desired temperature throughout the house because these heaters controls are so straightforward and precise.

An oil furnace is measured by the same unit as the gas furnace, Annual Fuel Utilization Energy (AFUE). Most new oil furnaces have AFUE ratings between 80%-90%. For these ratings, the higher the efficiency of the oil furnace, the more money you save from using it. For instance, if the furnace has an 85% heating, 85% of the fuel you pay for is directly converted into heat for your home.

Unlike gas furnaces, oil furnaces do not require natural gas pipelines. Oil furnaces require oil to be stored in an on-site storage tank, and oil is regularly delivered to your home. If your home or business does not have access to the gas pipeline system, the oil furnace is a great alternative. Because of the on-site storage tank, you can have an oil furnace virtually anywhere.

Even though oil furnaces can be more expensive to install and operate than newer gas furnaces, many homeowners prefer the type heat that oil furnaces generate. In the Kannapolis, NC area, we at G+S are one of the few companies to offer oil furnaces and service them.

If you are looking for that familiar heat from an oil furnace, talk to our professionals about choosing the right furnace for your home or business’s needs. We will happily sit down with you to discuss your needs, and the pros and cons of all of our heating systems.