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Heating System Troubleshooting

Heating System Trouble? Try These Tips from G+S

G+ S has been around long enough that there’s probably no heating system trouble you’ll ever face that we haven’t fixed before. While we are happy to come out and troubleshoot your heating system whenever you need us, sometimes the problem is very simple, something you can fix on your own without even needing to call us.

Here are some of the most common heating problems you might run into – and suggestions for fixing them.

Problem: My Furnace Doesn’t Seem to Be Heating the House and/or Isn’t Blowing Warm Air

  • Is your air filter clean? When is the last time it was replaced or cleaned?
  • Are there any windows or door accidentally left open?
  • Check your thermostat to make sure it is set to “HEAT”.
  • Double-check the setting on your thermostat. If it’s too low, your furnace will not blow warm air.
  • Double-check that you don’t have a blown fuse or breaker. If you don’t have power going to the breaker, your furnace will not warm your home.
  • Check to make sure that a GFI switch has not tripped.
  • Some furnaces still have a pilot light. If yours does, double-check that your pilot light is lit.

Problem: My Gas Furnace Is Turning On and Off Too Frequently

  • Check that air filter. Is it clean? Have you replaced it recently?
  • Is there a window or door open that is causing cold air to enter the house unknowingly?
  • Look at your thermostat to see if you notice anything strange. It could be malfunctioning.

Problem: My Furnace Runs All the Time

  • Double-check your thermostat’s setting. Is the fan set to on? If so, move to HEAT or AUTO.
  • Many customers have heat pumps, so when the temperature gets below freezing, heat pumps have a difficult time keeping up. Therefore it will run constantly. You will also notice the auxiliary heat light coming on to help give you supplemental heat.

Problem: My Furnace Runs Very Loudly

  • Check your air filter. It could be clogged and causing a whistling noise. Or it could be improperly sized.
  • If it is a popping sound you hear when your furnace comes on and off, most likely it is the ductwork expanding and contracting when the furnace cycles on/off. There’s nothing wrong with your furnace, but if you want to stop the noise, you can schedule an appointment for our ductwork professionals to take a look at it.
  • If your furnace is making a lot of noise, it could be one of the motors in the furnace going bad, usually either a blower motor or a vent motor. You should call a technician to come look at it.

These are some pretty simple heating troubleshooting tips to try first. However, if you’re still noticing your heating system isn’t performing properly, it’s time to give G+S a call for an appointment. We’ll be happy to help you and repair whatever’s not working right.

Call 704-933-2256 now and we will get your heating system running properly again fast.

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