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Winter Is Coming! What's the Tactic for Heating Air in Your Cozy Home?
Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This winter will you be the king of the north, with a plan for heating air in your house, or will you be left out in the cold?

Constant Heat Through The WinterExtreme weather separates the men from the boys, and with winter on its way again it’s time to get a plan in place for staying cozy through the cold. Gas fireplaces are a popular solution to supplement your existing heating system to drive out a persistent chill.

Give Yourself the Gift of Energy Efficiency this Season

Homes that rely on gas have the potential to account for less than half the emissions of all-electric homes. Gas appliances are more responsive and take less time to heat up the space they serve. Gas fireplaces lose less energy in the transfer process, so you benefit more from the energy that you’re paying for.

You Can Have It All!

Don’t sacrifice comfort or style in your quest for affordable home heating. Gas fireplaces are attractive and effective, so if you’re looking for an excuse not to commit, then think again.

Always Turned On

When the lights go out, most people reach for a backup gas generator. The principle of reliability still applies with a gas fireplace. Even in bitter, raw weather, most gas appliances still perform with predictable, steadfast loyalty. Not to overstate the softer side of hearth and home, but on a cold dark wintery evening, that means a lot to most homeowners.

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