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Why Is My House Warm in the Bedroom and Freezing in Another Room?
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Your heating and air conditioning service shouldn’t keep you on a roller coaster of indoor temperatures.


Are you dealing with fluctuations in your heating and air conditioning distribution? Most homes have a drafty hallway or a chilly sitting room that gets avoided in the winter for being too cold. But you deserve to have customizable control in all the areas of your living space.

Zoning techniques are an ideal solution for homes that need specific temperature control. Many large homes work with a simple one-zone heating system, which doesn’t achieve the proper distribution of balance.

A multiple zone system is better for larger homes. Not only does this give a homeowner access to extensive heating and cooling preferences, it also allows for customizable temperatures in individual areas and energy efficient timing patterns to be put in place.

Heat When You Need It, Not When You Don’t

Why run the heating and cooling system when you aren’t around to enjoy it? That’s an enormous waste of money and resources. Zoning equipment concentrates temperature control in the areas most frequently used. After zoning systems are installed, you can experience the actual feel of a room and make adjustments that suit your preferences.

Still having issues with a chilly part of your house? The problem could be linked to poor insulation or other sealing issues in your home. Delivering warm air is only half the battle – you also have to make sure the rooms and walls are equipped to contain it. Keeping warm air out and cold air is impossible without proper insulation.

For more information about the best heating and air conditioning options for your home, get in touch with the experts at G + S.

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