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Why is My Home's Heating Always Uneven and Unreliable?
Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Energy efficiency is good for more than just lower bills.

Heating Element in a Residential Furnace

Mention energy efficiency and most people think of lower monthly bills. But did you know that energy efficiency also has an impact on the performance of your heating and cooling equipment? So if you won’t do it for the environment and you won’t do it for the reduced expenses, do it for the comfort factor.

If you have ever noticed that certain rooms in your house are colder than others, you probably have a poltergeist in your midst. OR…your heater is acting up.

Here are some common reasons that the air might not be evenly distributed in your home:

  • Clogged Filters
  • If you have a dirty air filter in your system, it might be blocking the air from circulating in certain parts of the house. The same could be true of ducts or shafts that aren’t properly sealed. Letting that hot air escape before it gets to its final destination is a waste of energy and money.

  • Blocked Vents
  • Do you need to reevaluate your feng shui? It’s entirely possible. Many technicians arrive at homes where the owners claim to be suffering from poor heating circulation, only to point out that something large like a sofa or cabinet is blocking the vent into that area.

  • HVAC Unit
  • On rare occasions, homeowners realize that their HVAC unit is not properly sized for the house they have. This can happen in homes where additional square footage has been added on during renovations. The system that was able to adequately heat a home before is no longer capable of doing the job after an additional room or two enlarges the space.

Are you ready to experience a comfortably climate-controlled home? Click here to get more information about energy efficiency with your heater.

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