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Why an Energy Audit Is a Good Idea
Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How much is not investing in energy efficiency costing you?

HVAC Energy Audit

We all have bills to pay, but making sure home utilities are working at a maximum level of energy efficiency can reduce the monthly costs for you and your family. When your equipment is running effectively, it is using less power to do more work. This basic definition might seem overly simplistic, but the principles of energy efficiency are just common sense.

Here’s how an energy audit can help:

Run a Tight Ship

An energy audit will do much more than inspect the operating systems in your home. In many cases, the air conditioner itself is not responsible for high electricity costs. It’s when a home isn’t able to retain the cool or hot air and your system has to work double time to constantly combat temperature loss that the real costs start to rack up.

You wouldn’t run the air conditioner in your car while driving with your windows down – the logic here is the same, except with houses it’s much more difficult to see when insulation isn’t working. That’s why an energy audit is essential. Pinpointing problem areas and giving them proper sealant treatment will reduce your energy bills, especially in warmer and colder seasons.

Green Angel on Your Shoulder

Not only does slashing utility costs keep your wallet off the chopping block, it also earns you points for being environmentally friendly – figuratively and literally. In many states there are discounts and incentives available for going green and using energy efficiency technology. Not to mention the good karma that results from reducing consumption of fossil fuels.

If you want more insight on the benefits of energy efficiency for your HVAC, or are interested in an energy audit for your home, click here or call 704-933-2256 to reach our professional team at G & S.

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