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When Is The Best Time to Schedule an HVAC System Tune-Up?
Wednesday, June 08, 2016
HVAC system maintenance

HVAC systems work best when they receive regular maintenance, as stipulated in maintenance agreements. However, many home and business owners greatly underestimate the frequency with which their HVAC systems need to be assessed. If your HVAC system has gone over a year without a tune-up, you could have a major malfunction in your future.

Consider these tips for scheduling your HVAC maintenance agreement appointments:

Aim for at least two tune-ups per year.

Many homeowners only schedule HVAC maintenance on an annual basis, but this is not enough to ensure peak functioning all year long. Different concerns must be addressed for the winter and summer seasons, so it is important to schedule maintenance visits in the spring and fall. This will leave your HVAC system prepared to tackle the unique challenges of each season. If you typically forget to schedule these tune-ups, it may help to align your biannual phone calls to your technician with the two days of daylight savings time.

Consider extra maintenance for heavily used HVAC systems.

The regularity of HVAC maintenance depends somewhat on the climate and the extent to which the air conditioner or furnace is used. In North Carolina, one furnace inspection and one air conditioning tune-up per year (or two total visits from HVAC technicians) are typically sufficient. However, HVAC systems affected by heavy use may need to be looked at more frequently. In some homes and businesses, the annual spring tune-up may need to be followed by an additional inspection in mid-summer.

How to Handle Potential HVAC Issues

In addition to scheduling regular maintenance tune-ups, be sure to contact your technician at the first sign of HVAC trouble. By addressing problems as soon as they arise, you can prevent such issues from escalating into full-blown disasters. The result is less stress and a much more affordable HVAC repair.

Maintenance agreements ensure your HVAC system receives the regular care it needs. To learn more or to schedule a tune-up, get in touch today!

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