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What's the Normal Lifespan for an HVAC Unit?
Monday, January 19, 2015

Are maintenance agreements the best insurance when it comes to extending the lifespan for your HVAC unit?

Maintenance Agreements increase the lifespan of HVAC units

Determining the normal lifespan for HVAC units can be difficult, but having regular check-ups and tune-ups through maintenance agreements is a great way to extend their lifespan. Still, an exact range is hard to pin down because so many factors determine the wear and tear on each individual system. Depending on where you live and the temperature fluctuations that take place as the seasons change, a unit could be working much harder to service a home or business than it might in a different location.

That being said, a good rule of thumb for most units is 12-15 years. Beyond this you will almost certainly be contending with efficiency issues and increased instances of repairs.

Long Live the HVAC Unit!

Regular maintenance and repairs are critical determining factors when it comes to getting the most out of your HVAC unit. Investing in preventative maintenance is a good way to avoid big repair costs. Untreated mechanical issues are a huge contributing factor to damage that can jeopardize the life span of any unit.

There are also advances in available technology to consider. At a certain point it becomes irresponsible to keep using outdated equipment that might contribute to higher emissions and pollutants throughout the use of the system. It can also be a bad financial move to invest in older systems that have higher operating costs.

Sometimes the most difficult part of the heating and air process is knowing when to kick an old appliance to the curb. It’s tempting to let furnaces and other heating systems linger even after they lose their efficiency, but don’t throw money away on a furnace that isn’t getting the job done. Call us at 704-933-2256 or contact us to learn more about maintenance agreements from G + S Energy.

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