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What’s Involved with Upgrading My Home to Central Air Conditioning?
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Reviewing with homeowner their HVAC system options

Is your current heating and air conditioning system struggling to provide the interior comfort you need during the sticky summer months? It's time to quit huddling near the window A/C and upgrade to a central system. The process of upgrading to central air conditioning can be surprisingly affordable, and in the long run, it may lead to significant savings on your monthly energy bill. More importantly, central air conditioning will make the summer months far less miserable.

Choosing the Right Central Air Conditioner

The first and arguably most important step to installing central air conditioning involves selecting an A/C unit. There is no one ideal unit for every household; you will need to take the size of your home and typical heat gain into account. A technician can evaluate your home to determine which models are a good fit.

Selecting a Location for the Central Air Conditioner

Several concerns must be considered when choosing a location for your central air conditioner. Although today's top air conditioners are quieter than ever before, location is still key if you desire a peaceful household. Bedrooms and home offices should thus be avoided. Additionally, it's important to choose a location that provides maximum airflow.

Modifying or Adding Ducts

A lack of proper ductwork is not necessarily a big deal. You have two design options to choose from. The first is a split system where the furnace or air handler is centrally located in relation to your house’s footprint either in the attic, crawl space, or a basement. This is then connected to the box outside, called the condenser. The other option for houses with low crawl spaces is a packaged unit which contains all the heating, cooling, and air movement fans in one large box located outside. A G+S comfort advisor can help you determine which configuration works best.

When adding ducts, this process is typically limited to closets, attics, and crawl spaces, with ceilings and walls not impacted in most rooms.

Ready to upgrade your heating and air conditioning system? Reach out to G+S today and get ready to enjoy the luxury of central air conditioning.

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