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What Is a Home Energy Audit?
Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Take advantage of expert energy services to find the weakest links in your home.

HVAC System and Tools

If your monthly energy bills seem too high, energy services and assessments are the most effective way to know for sure. Most homeowners would agree they feel they pay too much for utility costs, but some situations are more serious than others. For example, some homes have leaks or outdated appliances that can directly impact the bills they pay each and every month. Day in and day out, these high costs can really add up.

How Does the Energy Audit Work?

A home energy audit is a professional evaluation of your home’s energy systems, including appliances, frequency of usage, and other factors that influence the overall efficiency of your home. Not only does an audit let homeowners see how much energy they are consuming on a regular basis, it also pinpoints the source of energy usage and assesses the overall efficiency.

If efficiency levels are lower with certain appliances, homeowners can take corrective action and either make repairs or invest in new appliances that cost less money to operate. Either way, it’s better than continuing to blindly throw money into an outdated appliance.

Prepping for Your Energy Audit

Keeping a home running smoothly and comfortably requires taking steps to get the best performance out of all appliances. Power assessments take a close look at several different components that contribute to a home’s operational costs.

Before the audit begins, take some time to make a mental note of any pre-existing problems you may have noticed—from drafty hallways to unwanted moisture collection. It’s also important to have energy records from previous months so the experts can assess the numbers.

Contact the expert team at G+S to get more information about the professional energy services that could save you money.

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