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What Can I Do to Lower My Company's Energy Bills This Spring?
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

With the right commercial services you could be reducing operating costs on a regular basis.

Commercial Services

Your business relies on commercial services that don’t needlessly increase budget expenses. Energy bills can account for a surprisingly large portion of operational costs if they aren’t streamlined, but they shouldn’t bleed your business dry. So how do you cut this unavoidable expense down to size?

Keeping employees comfortable in the workplace is an important factor for health and safety reasons. It’s also been proven that productivity is lower when it’s too hot or too cold. The key is to secure effective heating and cooling services that don’t break the bank every month.

Updating your equipment for energy efficiency does present some up-front costs, but the long-term benefits and savings are undeniable. Businesses may be reluctant to approach their commercial service providers about this option for fear of getting a sky high cost estimate. But doing a walk through with many HVAC companies is free of charge, and this is the only way to assess potential equipment improvements and updates for your business.

If equipment updates aren’t quite in your financial forecast, there are a few other ways to reduce costs immediately and effectively.

  • Practice Mindfulness.
    If possible, turn off lights when they aren’t being used. Turn off the cooling or heating unit when no one is in the building. Simply put, just use what you need and conserve where you can.
  • Preventative Maintenance.
    Invest in regular inspections from technicians who can spot operational issues before they develop and seriously impair cost efficiency.

If you are ready to lower your companies energy bills, our professional team at G+S can help. Click here or call 704-933-2256 to schedule your next commercial services maintenance appointment.

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