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The Top 3 Ways to Find Energy Savings with Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Are you throwing money at inefficient air conditioning and heating systems?

Efficient York HVAC system

If an inefficient air conditioning and heating system is costing you unnecessary money on a monthly basis, it doesn’t matter if it’s at your home or business – you need change, and fast. The good news is that this kind of financial drain can be easily solved with some energy saving strategies:

1. Understand Your System

Knowing just a little bit about how heating and cooling systems operate can go a long way. For example, cooling units don’t just circulate cool air in your home or office – they actually push hot air out of the space as well. The combined power of these two functions is essential to peak operational efficiency and temperature control. A little operational knowledge will help you intuitively understand how to problem-solve and treat your HVAC unit when there’s an issue.

2. Seasonal Adjustments

Whenever extreme temperatures strike, making allowances for your heating or cooling system is essential. Many units can become overtaxed if they are forced to work too hard to combat rising/falling temperatures. Supplementing with other cooling or heating methods – like turning on the overhead fan or bundling up with extra blankets – will ensure that these systems net energy savings and don’t shorten their life expectancy.

3. Preventative Measures

Get ahead of any potential problems by performing regular maintenance. When a system needs repairs, it isn’t operating at peak capacity, which means you have already been suffering from the effects of energy loss. Inefficient systems might go unnoticed for months, draining your wallet with unnecessary operational costs. Take care of this by investing in regular checkups from HVAC professionals.

For more information about improving the cost efficiency of your air conditioning and heating systems, call the experts at G+S Energy at 704-933-2256.

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