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3 Things You Should Know about Your Mini Split System
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
mini split system

There’s a surprising number of heating and air conditioning products on the market, ranging from boilers and furnaces to heat pumps and mini-split systems. Unfortunately, you may not be as familiar with them all. Learn more to ensure your property has the very best equipment possible. The convenience and cost savings are worth it!

3 Mini-Split Secrets That Will Blow You Away

1. They don’t use ductwork. Mini-split systems are sometimes called “ductless systems” because air flows directly from the unit into a room instead of flowing through the home’s ductwork, like a furnace or central air. This cuts down on indoor pollution and energy loss and allows you to install the systems in older homes without doing major renovations.

2. They do use R410A. You may have no idea what that means, but to folks in the HVAC industry, it’s a big deal. Most heating and cooling equipment uses caustic chemicals that impact the environment through carbon emissions. R410A is unique in that it’s ozone-safe. Green technology is all the rage, so as economical as mini-split systems are, this development can still give your property value an extra boost.

3. They can come with remote controls. How convenient does this device have to be? Not only can you put a mini-split system anywhere. Not only can you shrink your electricity bill—and your pollution output. You can also control ist from anywhere in any room. This isn’t the biggest benefit by far, but it gives you a good idea of how easily your HVAC solutions can be.

Contact G + S Energy to discuss the potential benefits of alternative heating and air conditioning equipment today. Reach out online to request a consultation and to find out if a mini-split system is a good choice for your home.

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