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3 Things Nobody Tells You about Maintenance Agreements
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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HVAC maintenance agreements don't seem like a necessity to many people, which is usually due to a lack of understanding. You wouldn't neglect to maintain your car, right? Your HVAC system handles a similar, heavy load. This is particularly true during the months that feature more extreme temperatures when your system works overtime. Regularly scheduled tune-ups can help your equipment run at its best, but you might be unaware of the other benefits you'd enjoy with a maintenance plan.

Here are three things nobody tells you, but you need to know, about maintenance agreements:

#1: Preventative Maintenance Prevents Service Calls

Clean, well-maintained HVAC units will generally run much better than others. Clean units also have a much smaller chance of breaking down. No one wants to deal with no air conditioning on a sweltering hot summer day! Worse, emergency repairs will always cost much more than maintenance, meaning your discomfort comes with a hefty price tag.

#2: Service Agreements Improve HVAC Lifespan

A cleaner unit with good maintenance runs better, and without small malfunctions that could go unnoticed unless discovered by a professional. Even minor issues can build up into bigger problems down the line. In the meantime, they can force the unit to work harder. The harder your HVAC system needs to work, the more wear and tear it experiences.

Other issues, like dirty filters and components, also contribute to this result. Over time, your system might need replacement parts or even a total replacement, but maintenance can help you put this off for as long as possible. An HVAC system is a big investment, and it makes sense to do what you can to ensure that you get your money's worth out of it before needing to think about a new one.

#3: Regular Maintenance Saves You Money

Aside from what you'll save by not calling for repairs or replacements, a well-maintained unit will work more efficiently. This translates to lower monthly energy bills, which can actually offset the cost of a maintenance plan entirely.

With G+S Energy, you can rest assured that the experts performing your maintenance will be able to spot even the most subtle issues at their earliest stages, well before they can become costly malfunctions. To learn more about the various benefits you can gain access to with our maintenance agreements, get in touch with our friendly team of professionals today.

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