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The Advantages of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement
Thursday, January 26, 2017

Have you stopped to consider why you need an HVAC maintenance agreement? When the moving parts of an HVAC system approach the end of their useful life, your space might become uncomfortably hot or cold -- or the system might shut down completely. Most commercial establishments may not have trained and certified HVAC technicians on staff to inspect the system regularly and make proactive repairs to keep it running well. Knowing you’ll always have a professional maintaining your HVAC equipment is the main reason why an HVAC maintenance contract is so important.

A maintenance agreement will ensure proper maintenance and prompt correction of any problems that might show up, so you can keep things running smoothly and avoid an expensive service call. 

Here’s what the technician will do:

Run Diagnostics

Trained professionals will use diagnostic tests to measure how well the HVAC system is operating. The diagnostic tests alert the technician to potential problems that might not otherwise be apparent.

Clean Components

The components of an HVAC system must be clean and free of debris to make sure they work together as intended by the manufacturer. During regularly scheduled maintenance calls, the technician checks items like the coils, filters, blower wheels and duct system. The tech will also oil and check the fan motors. 

Inspect Fluid Levels

Properly maintained coolant levels are necessary for the HVAC system to cool your building. If the coolant gets too low, your building will warm up and become uncomfortable, even though the unit appears to be running just fine. Low coolant levels can also indicate a leak that needs immediate repair. 

At G + S Energy Services, we offer a wide-range of services to keep your commercial HVAC up and running optimally. Contact us today to discuss how an HVAC maintenance agreement can help you maintain a comfortable workplace for everyone who comes into your establishment.

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