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3 Ways to Spot AC Trouble Before It Gets out of Hand
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Broken Air Conditioner

A sudden HVAC breakdown can be a big problem, especially when the weather outside is scorching - luckily, maintenance agreements can keep you from getting left in the heat. There are other methods by which you might be able to spot trouble before it gets too serious, but routine maintenance is by far the best resource available to you.

Unmaintained Systems Lead to Higher Bills and Future Malfunctions

If your energy bills always seem to be going up without heavier usage to explain it, you could be seeing a warning sign. Sometimes small issues within your AC unit will impact its performance, causing it to operate with less efficiency. As such, even if you don't notice anything else wrong with it, higher bills could point to a hidden problem.

If Your Thermostat Doesn't Match, You Need Maintenance

Although issues with your thermostat might stem from the device itself, there could be a deeper issue present. If the thermostat seems to be functioning properly but the temperature in your home doesn't synch up with it, there could be a problem with your ductwork. Your AC itself could also be the cause. It would take expert assistance to diagnose the root issue.

Scheduled Maintenance Reveals All

Even the most subtle issues with minor symptoms can't escape the practiced eye of an HVAC technician. Regular maintenance visits will uncover problems long before they get the chance to develop into something serious, and you'll be able to avoid the need for repairs in the future. Even better, with G+S Heating Air Energy Services you'll get discounted rates if a repair is necessary once you sign on for one of our maintenance agreements. For more information about the various ways you can save, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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