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What Factors Play a Part in Determining What Size Commercial HVAC Unit My Business Needs?
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Commercial Building

HVAC commercial services can help you determine what size unit you’ll need for your business—and that’s a good thing; doing so is complicated work. Commercial buildings are typically bigger than residential homes, which means larger and more complex heating and cooling requirements.

Commercial services use several factors to determine the size requirements of your HVAC unit:

  • The Square Footage of Your Building: The overall size of your building plays a significant role in your heating and air conditioning needs. The more space you have in your building, the more work your unit has to do to keep temperatures stable.
  • The Number of Rooms in Your Building: Not all rooms are created equal, which means they also have different heating and cooling needs. More rooms usually mean higher loads on your HVAC unit, which creates the need for several smaller units as opposed to one large unit.
  • Individual Room Temperature Requirements: It’s best to consider in advance what you’re planning on doing with each room in your building. If you know a room will be used as office space for stationing employees, you’ll want to make sure you can control the temperature of that room for maximum comfort. However, if a room will be used mainly for storage of items that are not temperature sensitive, you may not need that room to be cozy.

There are books, charts, and expert opinions when it comes to choosing the right sized unit for your commercial space. It might be tempting to pull out a ruler and start doing some calculations on your own, but in this case, you’ll want a second opinion from an HVAC expert to give you some guidance before you decide on a plan of action.

HVAC commercial services are second nature here at G+S. Our expert technicians can provide your business with an honest analysis of your commercial heating and cooling needs. Contact Us today to discover how we can serve your business through professional commercial services.

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