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3 Signs Your Furnace Is Starting to Fail on You This Winter
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
failing furnace

As you get your house ready for the coming winter, you might not focus on the state of your heating and air conditioning system. Of course, if it seems to work properly, why would you? However, if you pay close attention, you may begin noticing warning signs. As reliable as the unit might've been in the past, nothing lasts forever. It is well worth keeping an eye out for these symptoms, as it's much better to prepare for an impending replacement than to be caught off guard in the middle of the winter.

Your Heating Unit Is Getting Noisier…

Your furnace has probably always been loud at times, especially when you're shutting it off or turning it on. If the sounds have been getting stronger over time, however, it could be a sign of serious issues. If you hear humming, banging, popping or screeching noises coming from the furnace, it could mean the unit is getting close to the end. It may also indicate some parts need repair or replacement.

… and Dirtier

If the furnace is getting on in years, it might have started shooting out particles of dirt or rust. While this can mess up or even damage the house around it, it can also mean the furnace has too much carbon dioxide. This problem can lead to wilting houseplants and headaches in the occupants of your house and should be addressed by an HVAC technician.

You’re Paying More for Heating and Repairs

If you've noticed a steady rise in your utility bills, it's likely because your older furnace is working harder to heat your home at the same levels as before. This overworked state can also result in more frequent repairs, as a furnace that's working harder will endure more wear and tear. If you're finding yourself paying for repairs more and more often, and the utility bills keep rising, it's time to look into replacing your furnace.

The cost of replacing your old furnace can be more than made up for with the amount of money you’ll save on your energy bills. Not having so many repairs to deal with can help as well. It’s also important to remember that new heating units are much more energy efficient than the older models.

To learn more about the warning signs your furnace might be giving you, and for any questions about your heating and air conditioning system, get in touch with our team of experts at G+S Heating Air Energy Services today.

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