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Why Should I Have My HVAC Inspected Before the Summer?
Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wondering when you need energy services for HVAC inspections? Imagine lying in your bed at night, trying to sleep when the temperatures are in the 80’s and the humidity level is above 90 percent inside your house. It's a nightmare, isn't it? You can avoid that sleepless scenario by simply having professional energy services take care of your HVAC system inspection before the hot nights of a North Carolina summer return. One of the best reasons to have your HVAC inspection before summer is to avoid the waking nightmare of a hot, sleepless and uncomfortable night.

What to Expect from an HVAC Inspection

A professional technician will focus on a few points to make sure your unit is up to the task of summer cooling. These include:

Changing Air Filters

Air filters can get clogged with dust and debris. All that dirt will disrupt the airflow through the HVAC unit. If the air flow gets interrupted or diminished, the unit will start to overheat. Overheating will damage many of the mechanical and electrical parts, and that leads to expensive repairs. Inspecting and changing the air filters before summer starts is essential to maintain the overall health of the HVAC unit.

Checking the Electrical System

The electrical connections in the unit might corrode over time, which is why they need a thorough check before summer. Corrosion can cause electrical shorts, which can damage the electrical wires, parts, and circuit breaker. An inspector will remove and clean the wires to remove any corrosion.

Inspecting the Fan Motor

Inspection of the fan motor is an important step. The inspector will make sure the fan blades spin properly. If the fan's blades don’t spin, or spin far too slowly, you might need a new motor or run capacitor. A qualified technician can replace these important parts during the inspection, so you never have to go without the cool air you deserve.

Checking the Compressor

The inspector will also make sure your compressor works. Without the compressor, an HVAC unit is useless. There are many reasons why a compressor fails; the run capacitor may be weak or dead, there could be heavy condensation buildup in the coils and lines, or bad electrical contacts can stop the compressor from working. Again, the technician can make most repairs during the inspection.

Contact our expert team at G + S Energy Services today to make sure your HVAC unit is in tip-top shape before the heat and humidity of the next North Carolina summer. When it's hot and miserable outside but you get to go to sleep comfortably, you'll be glad you made the call.

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