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3 Little Secrets for Insulating Your Home
Thursday, October 12, 2017

There are energy services built around helping you save on heating and cooling, but by assessing your home with these tips in mind you could help yourself save even more.

Not sure if energy services are the right fit for you and your home? While you wait to talk to a professional about energy services, these tricks may help you cut down on some of the wasted energy that contributes to those monthly utility bills. If you notice rising costs, it could be due to loss of heat and air — insulating your house properly can remedy this. Read on to learn more!

Reduce Energy Loss by Insulating Floors above Unheated Areas

If you have unheated places in the house, like crawl spaces and basements, they aren’t the only areas that can become extremely cold in the winter. The flooring above them can also get cold, especially if uninsulated. This cold can spread from that point, making conditions less comfortable in spite of what you spend on heating.

Attics Can Waste a Lot of Energy Unless Insulated

You could be losing a great deal of heat through the attic if you haven't taken steps to have it properly insulated. Hot air travels upward, meaning the air you can't keep inside your living space will only end up in the attic or outside — no one wants to pay to heat an attic or the outdoors! If you're not sure whether you have enough insulation in the attic, hire a consultant to take a look. Better safe than sorry, especially with winter on the horizon.

Not Sure Where You’re Losing Heat? Get an Energy Audit

Home energy audits allow experts to evaluate your house and determine where you're wasting energy. Whether it's a power issue, inadequate ductwork or poorly insulated rooms, the professionals at G+S Heating Air Energy Services can identify and resolve the problem. To learn more about our energy services and how they can help your home stay airtight and efficient, don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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