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Recommended Thermostat Settings for the Office
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
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If you're looking for commercial services to help with your office's HVAC services, you might have other issues at hand. Deciding on the best thermostat settings for your commercial space is not always easy. This is due to the number of different factors there are to consider. You want your workforce comfortable enough to work, but you also don't want anyone feeling so warm and cozy that they fall asleep! Beyond that, you wouldn't be a savvy business owner if you weren't at least partly concerned about saving on your energy costs. Luckily, there's some guidance available that may help you zero-in on the ideal settings for your office thermostat.

General Guidelines for Commercial Temperatures

There will never be an exact figure for the best office temperature. The ideal number will vary, depending on factors that include the season, sunlight exposure and personal preferences. The specifics of these guidelines aren't exact, as this is typically considered a matter of comfort rather than safety. Still, the office temperature can have a noticeable impact on productivity and happiness in the workplace.

Generally speaking, a temperature in the high sixties is good for the winter months, while something in the low seventies should be adequate for the summertime. Of course, nothing is definite when it comes to comfort, and you might need to seek out some form of middle ground to keep everyone happy.

Workplace HVAC Factors to Consider

Nothing is definite when it comes to the ideal temperature for your office setting. At the same time, there are some important factors to consider, which might help you identify the best ranges to stay within:

  • Workplace morale can improve if the office temperature is comfortable.
  • Colder temperatures can lead to increased productivity.
  • Too much heat can lead to poor decision-making and sleepiness.
  • Choosing a temperature and sticking to it, resisting the urge to make too many tweaks, will save on energy costs by not forcing the system to turn on unnecessarily.

Choose Commercial HVAC Services to Save on Energy Costs and Keep the Staff Happy

HVAC issues in a commercial space require a special level of service. Quick, temporary fixes won’t do the trick. What you need for office heating and cooling problems is a long-term solution that produces dependable results. At G+S Energy we understand this, and we’ve been doing it for decades. To learn more about what our commercial services can do for your business, or for answers to any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.

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