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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Your Regular HVAC Maintenance.
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
HVAC System

Maintenance agreements for your HVAC system are like oil changes on your car: you can’t tell that anything’s wrong when you skip it…until your car breaks down. When you consider how important a working HVAC system is to the daily comfort of your home, you may begin to realize how important it is to maintain your system. Aside from that, there are several other reasons why skipping your HVAC maintenance is a bad idea.

Here are four reasons why you can't afford to skip regular HVAC maintenance agreements:

  1. Your Family’s Safety Could Be at Risk
  2. Your HVAC unit has the potential to leak carbon monoxide as it ages and wears, and such a leak could go undetected without a carbon monoxide detector nearby. Regular maintenance will keep your system safe from gas leaks by staying ahead of common problems.

  3. Your Energy Bills Are Already High
  4. If you have kids or power draining electronics in your home, your energy bill might already be substantially high. Throw in an inefficient HVAC system and your bill might start breaking local records simply due to the lack of regular maintenance.

  5. You Can’t Afford a New HVAC Unit Every Few Years
  6. Unless you have loads of cash that you don’t mind using to purchase a new HVAC unit every few years, your best bet against early HVAC failures is regular maintenance. With a maintenance agreement, your system could easily last 10-15 years or beyond.

  7. You Live in an Area with Extreme Temperature Seasons
  8. If you reside in an area where summer is like having the sun over for dinner, or winter is like transplanting Antarctica into your bedroom, your HVAC system is probably the one thing that keeps you from experiencing significant discomfort. Regular maintenance will prepare your HVAC system for these extreme conditions.

At G+S, our maintenance agreements are designed to set you up for years of cool air comfort in your home. Find out more about the many ways we keep your HVAC system problem-free.

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