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3 Step Process to Prepare your HVAC for the Winter
Thursday, December 07, 2017
prepare for winter

Your heating and air conditioning system is too important to neglect when the seasons change.

As dependent as we can be on heating and air conditioning in our homes, all too often we fail to put the right amount of care into our systems. This is especially true when we're right on the brink of summer or winter, as this is when we'll be relying on our HVAC more than ever.

Ensuring that the system is ready for the demands to come is essential, or you could end up losing money due to poor efficiency. Worse, you might even face a breakdown during a period of extreme weather. Here are three ways you can prep your HVAC for winter:

1. Prevent Air Leaks to Help HVAC Efficiency

Although checking for drafts and air leaks around windows and doors might not seem like HVAC maintenance and preparation, this can actually make a big difference. Taking the time to insulate areas that might allow air through can save your system from needing to work harder to compensate for lost heat. Also, ensure the weather-stripping you already have in place is in good condition.

2. Make Sure the Heating System has Clean Filters

Most people don't change their air filters nearly enough, and if you're one of them, don't worry. We're not judging you! But it's an excellent idea to get into the habit of swapping out air filters before the onset of winter.

Even if the filters don't appear too dirty, there will still be dust trapped inside. So change them every two months or so, and during the winter or summer months when your HVAC is working overtime, make it a monthly habit. Otherwise your system will be straining to distribute air throughout the house, meaning an increased risk of malfunctions and breakdowns.

3. Get a Tune-up for Your Heating and Cooling System

An inspection conducted by experienced technicians is the best treatment for a system that is about to get a winter workload. Only an expert will be able to identify the small signs that may indicate future issues, and these problems are best dealt with quickly — before the cold weather blows through.

At G+S Heating Air Energy Services, we stay committed to preparing and protecting your heating and air conditioning system. Contact us today for more information!

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