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How Much More Efficient Are Natural Gas Furnaces Versus Standard Furnaces?
Wednesday, November 02, 2016
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In areas with cold climates, energy services are of major importance. If you are in the market to equip your residence with a new or upgraded system, you should know there are many types of furnaces, including electric, oil, propane and natural gas. You’ll want to thoroughly explore your options before making a purchasing decision.

Heating Efficiency for Your Energy Services

When it’s really cold, you want your space to warm-up as quickly as possible. A natural gas furnace will heat the home faster than standard furnaces will. This is because it will go up to a higher temperature, regardless of the temperature outside. Heating with natural gas ultimately means lower utility bills.

Installation Expense for Your Energy Services

While a natural gas furnace may cost more to install initially, it will save you money over the long term because it’s less expensive to operate. Electric furnaces require a lower initial investment, but they will cost more money over time.

Things to Consider for Your Energy Services

Here a few things to consider when thinking about furnace replacement:

• The length of time you’ve had your furnace.
If you’ve had the furnace for more than 20 or 25 years, it’s probably time for a replacement. Upgrading can often save money because the new model will be more energy efficient, as required by the U.S. government.
• The size of your home. Size plays a big role in the type of furnace you need to purchase. If you buy one too large for the size of your home, you will waste money. On the other hand, if you buy one too small, the furnace will work harder to heat your home, running up your utility bill. BTUs of 30 to 60 per square feet are normally required.
• Proper vents, ductwork, or filters. These often need to be updated along with the new furnace, as the old ones often won’t be appropriate for the new system.

Whether you need to replace your old furnace or install a brand new furnace, you should consult with a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialist who can help you best determine your options. Contact our team at G + S today and learn more about the benefits of the right energy services.

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