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My Home's HVAC System Is Always Running, Is this Bad for It?
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Heating and air conditioning efficiency has a direct impact on your spending patterns.

HVAC Service Technician Inspecting System

When heating and air-conditioning costs skyrocket, most homeowners feel the financial hike like a punch to the gut. Heating and cooling operations make up a large portion of most home costs each month. It’s important to pay attention if you start to see unusual strain on your system.

Seasonal Patterns

Many homeowners may notice a spike in their cooling costs during the summer. As temperatures increase, running your unit more often is normal. But as the fall season gets underway, make sure your system starts cycling on and off. If you notice any of these following symptoms, you may have a problem with your system:

  • Constant discomfort in your home
  • Sudden increase in your energy bills
  • Unresponsive thermostat

Fall into Cheaper Bills!

When the weather starts to change, you should check the response time of your heating system. Don’t leave it up to the thermostat. By taking an active role in changing your operational patterns, you will definitely reduce your dependence on the HVAC system and start saving money earlier in the season. Fall is the sweet spot for homeowners – not too hot and not too cold; you can rely on open windows and low-energy fans to circulate cool air.

Alternative Heating Options

Some homeowners are looking to seriously cut their operational heating and cooling costs. As the winter season approaches, you may want to look into scheduling a pre-season checkup to assess the efficiency of your system. If that’s not enough, you might be interested in purchasing an inexpensive space heater or other small supplemental heat solution to take the chill out of one specific room, such as an office you work in, or a family room the kids play in. This allows you to set the whole house at a lower temperature and just provide that extra needed comfort in one or two rooms.

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