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3 Proven Ways to Lower Your Commercial Cooling Costs
Thursday, September 21, 2017
Commercial AC

Keeping employees and customers happy means keeping your workplace cool during the hotter months, which can be expensive - unless you enlist the aid of commercial services. The costs of running a business are considerable, and as such, it makes sense to save on cooling expenses wherever possible. Luckily, there are ways you can reduce your costs without sacrificing comfort. Here are three big ones:

1. Use Programmable Thermostats for Your Commercial Space

Unless your workplace is constantly bustling with activity, there will be off-peak hours during which the space is empty. Programmable thermostats allow you to schedule ahead, which keeps you from wasting energy to keep a deserted space comfortable. Your cooling can also be set to switch off during the night and weekends (unless you're open on those days).

2. Service and Clean Your Air Ducts

Over time, your ductwork can start to play host to pollen, dust, mold and even pet dander. As these irritants collect and build up inside the vents, air flow gets restricted. This forces the system to work harder, wasting energy while also harming indoor air quality.

3. Commercial Maintenance Provides an Invaluable Tune-Up

It's surprising how much a little maintenance can do for your business. Tune ups before periods of heavy use will ensure your system is working at peak efficiency, keeping those bills from growing too inflated when the weather gets severe. You'll also be able to avoid breakdowns in the future since maintenance keeps your HVAC clear of small malfunctions that could harm it over time.

Not every system is the same, and some may require different maintenance and repair methods for optimal results. At G+S Energy, our technicians take their time to identify potential issues before they can occur, while also taking measures to keep your system running as cost-effectively as possible.

For more information about our commercial services and what they can do for your business, reach out to us today!

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