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Is it Safe? What You Need to Know about Oil Furnace Installation
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You shouldn't have to play daredevil with your furnace installation.

Oil Furnace Installation

Don’t walk into an oil furnace installation blindly – assess the facts and fiction about oil furnaces and make safe and smart decisions:

Fact: Oil furnaces are one of the oldest designs in the industry. 

The oil furnace has undergone some important modifications over the years, but the essential design is still there. It’s still a popular choice among homeowners because it is a reliable and dependable option. The consistency of design and reputation combined make oil furnaces a classic selection in homes and businesses across the country.

Fiction: Oil furnaces are more expensive to install than other types of heating systems. 

It costs roughly the same amount of money to install an oil furnace as any other kind of furnace. One additional cost that will accrue over time is the cost of purchasing oil to continuously power the furnace. This should be a factor in determining whether you want to replace your existing oil furnace with another oil fired furnace or move to potentially cheaper source of heating such as a natural gas furnace or electric heat pump.

Fiction: Oil furnaces are too dangerous to consider for home installation. 

The safety of an oil furnace is sometimes debated, mostly because oil is flammable. But gas furnaces are also powered by flammable fuel, and also have the potential to leak carbon monoxide. These are simply the risks that come with using fuels to create heat, and that’s why furnaces of all types come with safeguards and protective measures to prevent any accidents. In other words, oil furnaces are no more or less safe than gas furnaces.

To discuss the pros and cons of oil furnace installation with a qualified professional, contact us at G+S Energy today.

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