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Why Investing in Zoning for Your HVAC System is the Best Decision You'll Make This Week
Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Spread the love with peak performance from your HVAC heating system.

Zoning for Residential HVACDo you have one or two rooms in your house that are consistently cooler or warmer than others? Is the sunny side of the office noticeably warmer than the shaded side? These are a pretty common problem in homes and businesses, and there is an easy way to address it – without completely replacing your HVAC system, either.

Professional zoning can help resolve the problem of unequal temperatures within homes and businesses. It’s a simple fix, but the payoff might be even more impressive than you expect.

What is Professional Zoning?

Professional zoning uses multiple thermostats to control the temperature in specific rooms or areas throughout the home or office in question. This allows you to not only set different temperatures for the different zones, but also to make sure that the thermostat is measuring the temperature in that actual zone, not just one point in your home or business. If inconsistent temperatures plague your living area or workspace, zoning is an attractive solution to address these different areas.

What are the Benefits?

Zoning is a cost-effective way to get the most out of your heating system. Think about this: you don’t want to pay for your system if the results aren’t completely reliable. Zoning is a customizable feature that gives you control over the rooms you want to heat, based on their frequency of use. These simple systems generally save up to 30% on monthly utility bills.

Who Should Consider Zoning?

The simple answer is that zoning can cut costs for anyone willing to invest the time and energy. It is true that some spaces are more ideal for this solution – buildings or homes that are simply too large or spread out for a single heating unit to effectively or consistently disperse warm air. Inefficient heating or cooling is expensive. If you are feeling the stress in your pocketbook, it will probably pay to look into the available zoning solutions to control and limit your energy use.

To find out about whether zoning your HVAC heating system would be a good move, ask the experts at G+S Energy.

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