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Ideal Spring AC Temperatures for Energy Efficiency
Thursday, May 09, 2019
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Setting your thermostat to the right temperature will optimize energy efficiency as the temperatures heat up. Here’s the information you need to know from the energy services pros.

What do you know about energy services and keeping your home cool this summer? We’re halfway through spring and heading quickly toward summer. While most of us love the warmer weather and sunshine for outside activities, in our homes we want to crank up the AC and cool it down.

But, wait a minute, exactly how cool should it be? According to the EPA, the most energy efficient indoor temperature is 78˚ F. Really? Yes, really.

Find the Perfect Energy Efficient Compromise

Not everyone is going to find that 78-degree temperature comfortable. However, it is important to remember that for every degree lower you set your thermostat, energy usage – and consequently energy bills - will increase by 3%.

So, how to find the perfect compromise?

  • If 78˚ is too warm for you, try lowering the temperature one degree at a time; let the house cool down to that level, and see how it feels.
  • Add a ceiling fan to create a “wind chill effect” by moving the cool air around the room.
  • Utilize cooler outdoor air in the mornings and at night. Open windows to allow the cooler air in and then close them and pull down sun-facing shades when the day gets hotter.
  • Be Sure to Have the Most Up-To-Date, Energy Efficient Equipment

    If your HVAC system isn’t keeping up with your heating/cooling needs, perhaps it isn’t the system. Leaky or dirty ducts, dirty filters, air leaks, or problems with the outdoor unit all contribute to an inefficient system. Contact our energy services experts at G+S Heating, Air and Energy Services for an inspection and information on how to keep your HVAC system operating at its best all year long.

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