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How Will Duct Testing Help Me Save $ on My Cooling Costs?
Wednesday, September 07, 2016
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At G + S Energy, we offer select energy services you won’t find anywhere else. Why? We focus on efficiency. Our customers are also our friends, and we don’t want you wasting money on energy use that goes to waste.

What Is Duct Testing?

The metal passageways that move air from your HVAC system to the rooms in your home can start to come apart over time. Gaps and loose seals result in 10 – 30 percent of your heated and cooled indoor air from leaking into unused areas of your home. Heating and cooling the spaces between walls, your attic, or basement, under the tub and other areas won’t increase your home’s comfort. It wastes energy, and it can cause problems with condensation in the process.

Duct testing identifies leaks and allows us to repair them. This protects your home from moisture, and resulting mold and insect problems, and it also ensures every bit of energy you use is put to work.

Why Ductwork Isn’t Suited to DIY Repairs

Fixing leaks in ductwork is a long, tedious process, but homeowners may wonder if it’s possible to handle effectively on their own. Finding and fixing leaks sounds easy enough, but special equipment is often needed to detect problem areas. Special tools are required to fix leaks in hard to reach areas too. The money you spend buying these supplies will override the benefits of homeowner ductwork testing and repair. In our professional opinion, it’s a job best left to the experts.

Schedule duct testing and other energy services to ensure you get your money’s worth of every dollar spent on your utility bill. Lower your costs while increasing your level of comfort with help from our team of experts at G + S Energy.

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