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How to Get Your Commercial Air Conditioner Ready for Summer
Monday, March 20, 2017
Commercial AC

Commercial services can help prepare your AC unit for the summer, which is critical if you're running a business. Although some might see air conditioning as a luxury, when it comes to commercial spaces it's a necessity. Employees need to feel comfortable to get their work done, and customers won't go out of their way to visit a place that doesn't offer any relief from the scorching summer sun. But how do you prepare a unit that's been sitting unused for months on end? 

Change Your Commercial AC Unit’s Filters

A filter change could be the simplest maintenance task, but many don't do it nearly enough. Changing the filters every month or so (depending on its size and usage) is important if you want your AC to continue running smoothly. Even an AC that sat idle for months could need a filter change. Dust probably settled in during the winter months, and failing to address the filters can put unnecessary strain on your system as it struggles to push out the cold air it produces.

Make Sure the Outdoor Unit Is Clean and Free of Debris

If your system’s outdoor unit has built up an impressive collection of dust over the last few months, take steps to clean it before putting it back into use. Dust or dirt can clog up the unit, which could slow it down considerably. Disconnecting the power and spraying down the outside of the unit with a hose can help in most cases, but for more serious messes you might need to invest in commercial AC cleaning products. Nearby debris can also impede your unit’s performance, so be sure to clear out anything that could be blocking it (such as bricks, plants and high grass).

Scheduled Maintenance Can Be the Difference

Regular maintenance, including tune-ups before summer sets in, can help your system continue running at peak efficiency when you need it most. It can also ensure that you don't run into unforeseen expenses and breakdowns in the future. An expert can spot potential issues long before they develop into serious complications. Don't take any unnecessary chances — your air conditioner is too important to your commercial space to risk losing that cool air during the hottest time of the year, even for a limited amount of time.

For more information about how commercial services can help you get your air conditioner ready for the summer, get in touch with a G+S expert today.

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