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How to Choose the Right Temperature for Inside Your Home This Summer
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Knowing how to set your indoor temperature for energy efficiency will help you experience cost savings.

HVAC Thermostat Control

Something as simple as indoor temperature settings can be a critical factor in making progress towards increased energy efficiency for your HVAC. Many people run their air conditioner without thinking or caring about the consequences. At least until they get the high energy bill in the mail. This type of careless behavior can be a huge expense for even a modest home when the summer heat rolls in.

When homeowners rely on their air conditioning unit too heavily for cooling solutions, they are committing a serious overkill. There are a few ways to remain comfortable and within your budget.

How Low Can You Go?

Obviously, your ideal home temperature will depend on personal preference to a certain degree (pun intended), but the general setting recommendation is 78 degrees. This will have a positive impact on your monthly expenses without compromising too much on comfort.

Supplementing Your Cool Fix

You don’t have to rely on your central cooling system for all your summertime relief. Relying on fans and other cheaper sources of temperature control will help to reduce your energy bill.

Reset When You Are Asleep or On Vacation

Summer temperatures during the daytime might be a force to reckon with, but at night there is often a significant drop in the outdoor heat. Bumping the thermostat up at night when the breeze is blowing or your fan is providing relief can have a big impact on your energy bills. If you are out of the house entirely for long stretches of time, at the office or on vacation, there should be no hesitation in bumping the thermostat up a few degrees.

All of these small adjustments both on your thermostat and in your home can lead to a big jump in energy efficiency, even if it is the summertime. If you are ready to do everything you can do to be as energy efficient as possible in your home, G+S is here to help you. Contact us to get more information regarding how to maximize energy efficiency in your home this summer.

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