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How Often Should I Get HVAC Maintenance?
Monday, February 27, 2017
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Not all maintenance agreements are equal. Some might be more comprehensive than others, and the best choices will always take into account the needs of your HVAC system. The provider is also a critical factor, as the more dependable they are, the more peace of mind you can obtain from having a maintenance plan in place. The specifics of your system will determine how often it needs maintenance. At the same time, however, there are other factors worth considering before deciding on an agreement. 

Is a Maintenance Plan Worth the Investment?

No one likes spending more, but a preventative maintenance plan provides long-term advantages. In fact, many of these benefits can easily make up for the costs you’ll face upfront. If your HVAC unit goes too long without an inspection by a professional, you could end up spending money on emergency repairs. This type of service will always cost more than scheduled maintenance.

An improperly maintained system can be a health hazard, as it can become contaminated with pollutants over time that could make people sick. Maintenance plans also reduce wear and tear on the system while helping you cut down on energy costs by ensuring the unit works as efficiently as possible.

So How Often Should My System Receive Scheduled Maintenance?

At the very least, an annual inspection of your HVAC system will prolong its lifespan and help you save on your energy bills. Small problems found quickly and addressed during maintenance checks is a common bonus, which is critical for keeping them from growing into more serious issues later on. Ignoring your unit would be an invitation for malfunctions to occur, as many problems tend to begin as subtle signs that only an expert could spot. However, while an annual check is a solid rule of thumb, your particular system could have its own specific needs.

Seek a Plan That Fits Your System

Getting a maintenance plan suited for the needs of your system isn’t always easy — unless you get the right help. G+S technicians will work with you to address any current HVAC issues you might have, but that’s only the beginning. We’ll analyze your system and put together a plan that ensures it continues running at its absolute best well into the future. For more information about our maintenance agreements or to schedule an appointment, get in touch with our team online today. 

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