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How Often Should HVAC Filters Be Cleaned or Replaced?
Wednesday, February 10, 2016

If you have a maintenance agreement, you can skip a headache by cleaning and replacing air filters.

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Air filters are an essential component in any heating and cooling system, and your maintenance agreement will guarantee you don’t put your home or family in jeopardy by missing important filter changing deadlines. Many homeowners tend to overlook small details, like air filters, and pay the price for increased cost, dirty air, and damage to the heating and cooling system. Lack of airflow, due to clogged filters, is a major cause of costly equipment failures. A maintenance agreement provides helpful reminders, so the little things don’t slip through the cracks.

Here’s a basic rule of thumb for replacing air filters as part of a professional maintenance agreement:

Monthly Maintenance

Take a look at your filter monthly. If it looks dirty, fuzzy, or clogged, then replace it with a new one. However, if it still looks relatively dust free, put it back in and check it again the following month. Different houses breath differently so you may be able to get away with changing it out every other month or every third month. As dust accumulates in the filter, it becomes less efficient at removing harmful pollutants and particles like dust from the system's airflow - meaning your family is gradually exposed to more allergens over time. If you notice more sneezing and coughing among residents, it could be a result of inadequate filtration.

Three Month Replacement

Cleaning the air filter can only do so much. Eventually, a total filter replacement is the best way to achieve energy efficiency. When an HVAC system is struggling to push air through a dirty filter, it has to work harder to achieve the same temperature settings. This extra work causes inefficiency and increases overall costs for the homeowner.

A maintenance agreement entitles you to the best service assistance when replacing air filters, so you don't need to stress. These preventative maintenance measures will not only improve the performance of your HVAC system but extend the lifespan of this investment, so you get more bang for your buck over the years.

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