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How Long Should Heating System Repair Take?
Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Heating and air conditioning costs aren’t just measured in cash; time matters too.

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When you have a problem with your heating and air conditioning system, there are two questions that generally pop into your head: how much is this going to cost and how long is this going to take?

Time is money, as they say. And while the actual dollar sign at the bottom of the repair bill might be a top concern for some, others with a busy schedule want to know how much of their day or week is going to be sacrificed to the repair process.

Here’s what you need to know about the time heating and air conditioning repair will cost you:

Assessment Time

No technician will be able to tell you any specifics until they take a look at your system and evaluate the source of the problem. Scheduling a visit as soon as you notice the issue will give you a head start on the repair process. Even better would be a regular maintenance inspection a couple times a year to do preventative repairs.

Diagnosis Time

Once the technician identifies the source of the problem, he or she can move forward with a repair plan. For reference, most repairs don’t take more than a few days, unless there are parts that need to be ordered or some other extenuating circumstance.

Seasonal Demand

Having a heating problem in the winter is less than ideal for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s obviously a pain and an inconvenience to be uncomfortable in your own home. Second of all, most repair places will have a long line of clients looking for maintenance visits during this time. If you want to skip the wait, consider investing in pre-season check-ups to identify potential problems before they manifest into repair situations.

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