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How Does AC Installation Rank as a DIY Project?
Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Don’t get caught in a bad situation with costly DIY AC installation mistakes.

AC installation

The decision to take a “DIY” approach on projects around the house can be a tempting way to save money. Many homeowners can get away with doing smaller projects on their own, but an AC installation isn’t the kind of project you want to gamble on. AC systems, as typically large investments, should be handled carefully and professionally. 

Experienced technicians are the best choice when it comes to AC installation, for several reasons.

• Installation isn’t just about getting the unit up and running, it’s about achieving the best performance long-term.
• When it comes to efficiency and proper set up, there are several opportunities for an untrained person to botch this aspect of installation.
• Your AC installation will have long-term ramifications, not only in te

rms of general household comfort but also with ongoing utility costs.
• Making your way through the installation with chance and guesswork might seemingly pay off in the short term, but doing more damage or creating any unforeseen complications could far outweigh the potential financial benefit of cutting corners on installation.
• Most equipment manufacturers will not honor your warranty on parts if it was not installed by a licensed heating and air conditioning contractor.

While the initial installation costs might seem daunting, you risk paying more over the ensuing months if you’re stuck with an inefficient system draining your pocketbook. Investing in a professional installation is a decision you can take comfort in.

For more information about AC installation, contact the experts at G+S.

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