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How Does a Heat Pump Work?
Monday, February 06, 2017
Heat pump

If you live in a warm climate with mild winters, you can accommodate your heating and air conditioning needs year round with a heat pump. Instead of paying for and maintaining separate units to keep your home comfortable, you can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with one efficient system. The convenience of this option is clear, but you might be unsure of what a heat pump is and how it functions. To put it simply, a heat pump is all about transferring heat from one place to another. 

How Do Heat Pumps Achieve Both Heating and Cooling?

A heat pump operates as a kind of air transporter, and it is capable of moving warm air around based on your current needs. During the winter months, it will move warm air into your home from outside, as even in cold conditions there will still be heat energy present. A heat pump can capture this heat and bring it inside where it can keep you comfortable! When the temperature is high and you need cooling instead, the heat pump acts as an air conditioner by reversing directions. It transfers the hot air in your home to the outside, leaving your indoor temperature cooler and more comfortable.

Are Heat Pumps More Efficient Than Other Heating and Cooling Methods?

One factor that sets heat pumps apart from other types of units is their use of electrical power. Heat pumps don't burn fuel, as their function is to move heat from one place to another instead of generating it. This allows you to cut back on your fuel consumption, as you can keep your home comfortable without spending as much as you might with other methods. It is also important not to get discouraged if the initial cost of a heat pump is higher than that of other systems. Keep in mind that the long-term savings will more than make up the difference.

If you're interested in a single unit that can keep your home comfortable all year long, a heat pump is well worth a look. For more information about how you can save on your heating and air conditioning needs, get in touch with our team of experts at G+S Energy today. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have, and we can assist you with deciding if a heat pump is the right choice for your home. 

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