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How Do I Know Which Filter to Buy When It's Time to Replace My Air Filter?
Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A maintenance agreement can be the key to updates that will give you a better home heating and air conditioning experience.

HVAC maintenance

Regular HVAC updates with a maintenance agreement will contribute to a longer life span for your heating and air conditioning system, reduced operational costs, and fewer emergency repairs. The maintenance agreement also opens up other doors of opportunity.

With a technician conducting routine preventative inspections, you’ll be able to have input on the performance preference that develops as you get to know your system. If you notice issues with your air quality, the answer could be a different kind of air filter.

A filter works to catch and retain potentially harmful particles when circulating air throughout your home. Efficiency is a big issue with air filters – you want something that filters effectively without disrupting airflow (and consequently energy efficiency) in your system. The rule of thumb for air filter replacement can range from 3-6 months. Consulting with your HVAC expert during a maintenance visit can help determine a more precise timeline for your unique situation.

When it comes to air filters, you might think they are all created the same. Not so! Size dimensions and quality variations can vastly change the in-home experience of your air circulation. Especially if residents in your home have specific sensitivities to allergens or suffer from other respiratory conditions, they may notice a real improvement from switching to a different type of filter.

There are several other factors that go into the air filter selection process. Are there pets in your home? If so, a stronger filter may be required to catch dander and hair. Are outdoor allergens a big problem in your area? Consulting with a qualified technician can help narrow down dominant factors like this and point you in the right direction.

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