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How Can a Smart Thermostat Help Keep My Energy Efficiency Up?
Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Energy efficiency is a popular topic in the HVAC business, but is it just a bunch of hot air?

Smart Thermostat

Energy efficiency – it’s the ideal goal, but how realistically attainable it might be is another story. The short answer is yes, you can indeed take steps to increase energy efficiency; the long answer involves all the small methods that homeowners and business users have to be aware of in order to achieve that goal. Most homeowners would say it’s well worth the effort. Energy efficiency means lower utility costs and reduced environmental impact.

One of the biggest drains on an energy budget can be heating and cooling costs. When we’re hot, we tend to crank the air conditioning and when we’re cold we can’t help but blast the heat on frigid evenings. So during the warmer and colder months, these expenses can skyrocket. Keeping them manageable with a smart thermostat is simple and efficient.

Convenience and Ease

Smart thermostats give homeowners access to advanced temperature control, even when they aren’t at home. Changing the settings when you leave during the day makes perfect sense – why pay for air conditioning or heating services when no one is around to enjoy them?

However, many people don’t like to come home to a chilly or stuffy house, so they are forced to leave their unit running non-stop. With a smart thermostat, you can set timers and even remotely turn your HVAC unit on when you head out from the office. It’s the ultimate step in convenience, cost-efficiency and comfort.

This kind of accessible programming is essential to reducing your energy bills each month. A smart thermostat helps you be more mindful of energy expenses, and when used in conjunction with other energy efficient tools, gives you the control to make a meaningful change and a big difference on your monthly energy costs.

To learn more about how you can increase your HVAC’s energy efficiency with a smart thermostat, contact the pros at G + S.

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