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Energy Savings Tip #2: Cover Up and Save!
Monday, June 20, 2016
summer sun coming in through a window

Save on your air conditioning by showing some modesty for your home - cover up!

In the summertime, the simple act of closing your blinds and curtains during the day will cut down on your cooling costs. You may ask how can that be?

We all know that feeling of opening our car door on a 95 degree afternoon and the heat just pouring out. And because we have no patience and are always in a hurry we close the door behind us and buckle ourselves into that oven. This is followed by 30 seconds of swearing until the air conditioner ramps up. Well the same effect happens in your home but in a less dramatic effect.

As the sun shines it emits radiant heat. The sun’s heat then hits objects in your home: furniture, flooring, countertops, and heats them up just like it does the steering wheel in your car. That’s why they sell those stupid silver car window shades that I can never fold back up into the original circle. So by closing the drapes and blinds you prevent the radiant heat from entering your house thereby reducing the heat gain and load on your air conditioning system.

It’s most important to prioritize the windows that face south and west on your home since the way the earth is angled in the Northern Hemisphere, these windows catch the brunt of the sun's radiant heat. You may ask, how do I know which windows face south and west? Just get out that smart phone and if it already doesn’t come preloaded with a compass app, then download a free one. Or go old school and find a real magnetic compass with a needle. Either device will point you in the right direction for energy savings.

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- The Reluctant Tree Hugger

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