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Does Your Home Layout Affect Your Energy Bill?
Thursday, June 13, 2019
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The layout of your home is directly related to how much you spend on energy services each month.

When buying a home, you’ll have plenty of layout options to choose from, but which of these will help you save money on energy services? Before you decide on a new home, it’s smart to consider the layout. Many homebuyers don’t realize that certain floor plans cost more money to heat and cool throughout the year.

Open Floor Plans: Trendy and Cost Efficient

For the past few decades, open floor plans have grown in popularity with homebuyers. This layout connects rooms without needing as many doors or walls as a traditional layout. The best part? Open floor plans help HVAC systems run more efficiently, which will, in turn, keep your energy bills lower.

High Ceilings: Beautiful but Costly

Homebuyers love the look of high ceilings, especially in entryways and living rooms. However, the beauty of these tall ceilings comes with higher energy bills. It simply costs more money to heat and cool the extra space. If you buy a home with high ceilings, make sure it has enough insulation in the attic and walls to help keep your energy usage at a minimum.

Large Windows: A Double-Edged Sword

Homes with lots of large windows are very attractive to homebuyers. Depending on the placement of the windows, they can help you save money on energy. Windows provide heat during the winter thanks to extra sunlight. During the summer, you can open windows to help cool a room with a fresh breeze. However, if the windows aren’t energy efficient, you may actually see a rise in your energy bills. Upgrading to higher quality windows will help keep your energy bills more reasonable.

If you’re worried that your home’s layout is boosting your energy bill, let the HVAC pros at G+S Heating, Air, and Energy Services help you out. Contact us at 704-933-2256 to learn how updating your HVAC system can help you save money on energy services no matter the layout of your home.

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