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Do I Really Need a Tune-Up for My Home's Heating System?
Monday, January 18, 2016

Maintenance agreements protect homeowners from emergency repairs.

HVAC service technician tuning up furnace

The decision to invest in a maintenance agreement after major appliance purchases is one that many homeowners choose to forego. Maybe after the cost of the appliance itself, they just don’t want to fork over another dollar. Or maybe they think maintenance agreements don’t offer that great of a deal. In both cases, these homeowners are choosing to overlook a huge asset and put their families and their homes at greater risk of inconvenience, discomfort, and emergency repair expenses.

Consider these benefits maintenance agreements have to offer:

Avoid years of damage.

One of the best components of maintenance agreements is that they include provisions for regular tune-ups on heating and cooling systems. These major appliances are an integral part of your home comfort. Having a technician preform regular diagnostics and checkups will keep them in top condition for many years, extending the value of your original investment.

Save money on utility bills.

Having a regular check-up not only makes it easier to spot major problems before they develop, it also ensures that your unit is running at peak efficiency, keeping operational costs down and utility expenses low. A maintenance agreement protects your home from unexplained high operational costs.

Many homeowners simply fork over the money at the foot of the bill each month, but when your system is receiving regular inspections you can be confident that operational costs for your heating and cooling system will stay reasonable.

Avoid inconvenient repairs.

When your system isn’t working properly, your family is the one who pays the price. Having to schedule an emergency repair appointment isn’t just expensive – it’s also a hassle in the middle of school, work, and family life. Maintenance agreements can keep your system running well all year round, and catch potential problems before they disrupt your everyday life.

Learn more about the benefits of a maintenance agreement from our team at G+S.

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