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3 Creative Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cool While Cooking for the Holidays
Thursday, November 09, 2017
keep the kitchen cool for thanksgiving

Heating and air conditioning systems keep things comfortable, but are there other ways to stay cool when you're cooking up a storm?

Heating and air conditioning always seem to get more important during the holidays, and for good reason. Whether it's the biting cold of a wintry morning or a bustling house filled with relatives, the temperature can get unbearable very quickly! Anyone who's cooked a holiday dinner in a crowded kitchen can attest to this, but luckily, there are ways to stay cool in that kind of situation. Read on for some creative methods that might just work for you.

Help the AC with Dim Lighting

Although working in a bright kitchen might be your preference, more light can often mean more heat — especially when the sun is particularly prominent. You can cool things down by lowering the blinds, and if you can, dimming the kitchen lights while you're cooking.

Reduce Added Heating by Limiting Oven Use

Firing up the oven is a great way to make things much hotter very quickly. To avoid the effects of a running oven, just don't use it! Your toaster oven can handle many of the foods you'd prepare in a conventional oven, without nearly as much generated heat. In cases where you must use the big oven, just be sparing — it's also helpful to use it early in the day or late at night when temperatures are milder.

Use a Fan to Cool Things Down

Sometimes the problem isn’t the heat so much as it's the lack of air movement. Stagnant air can press down on you, making you feel warmer than you actually are, but there’s a quick fix for that. Fans will move the air, making the kitchen more comfortable. If you have a window, you could choose to either blow in fresh air or remove the hot indoor air.

You could also install a range hood for ventilation while you're using the stove. Regardless of the solutions you choose, there's help out there for you! Don't spend your holidays in discomfort, wishing your relatives stayed home instead.

At G+S Heating Air Energy Services, we're well-equipped to help you maintain the temperatures you desire in your home. To learn how we can help you solve your heating and air conditioning issues, contact us today!

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