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My Commercial Furnace Turns On and Off Quickly. What's the Problem?
Monday, February 20, 2017
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If you’re not sure if you should be picking up the phone to contact commercial services for help with your furnace, it might help to figure out the source of the problem. Commercial furnaces turning on and off again too quickly (also known as short cycling) can be frustrating and inconvenient. If allowed to persist, this issue will prevent your furnace from providing the level of heat you need for a comfortable workplace. Not only does this defeat the purpose of having a furnace in the first place, but it could also end up leading to higher utility bills. Read on for a look at some potential causes of short cycling. 

The Commercial Furnace's Air Filter Might Need Replacement

An air filter that gets too dirty will become a barrier that disrupts the flow of air within the furnace. If you don’t get the filter changed regularly enough, the right amount of air won’t flow out over the heating elements. When this occurs, the furnace is unable to distribute the heat it creates and grows dangerously hot. The sensors will then detect the overheating, which results in the furnace shutting off. If dirty filters are the culprit and they aren’t taken care of, this becomes an ongoing problem.

Is the Furnace New? If So, It Could Be the Wrong Size

If your furnace is new and keeps shutting off and turning back on, it could be improperly sized for your space. If it’s too large, it will heat the area very quickly (too quickly) and shut off. Alternatively, it might overheat if there just isn’t enough room around it to accommodate the hot air it creates. Unfortunately, this particular issue could be a very expensive one to resolve. You might need to look into a furnace replacement (which comes along with its own costs). Regardless, it’s well worth calling for professional help if you suspect you have the wrong furnace.

Beyond size issues and air filters, there are other possibilities when you're trying to figure out why your commercial furnace is short cycling. If the issue is something like the heat sensors or a mechanical malfunction, any amount of time wasted could allow the problem to worsen. Beyond that, trying to repair the furnace on your own could be costly if you end up causing additional damage. The safest route to take is calling in the professionals.  For commercial services that can get your heating system back on track, get in touch with our team at G+S Heating Air Energy Services today. Visit us online now to schedule an appointment or to learn more about what could be at the root of your furnace problems. 

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