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How to Choose the Best AC System for Your Home
Monday, March 06, 2017
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Don't delay in choosing the best possible heating and air conditioning option for your residence! Now is the time to choose an AC system, before the sweltering summer months come around. A home that doesn't have a cool air source in the summertime can be a frustrating, sweaty nightmare, so make sure your home is ready to beat the heat with a cool breeze.

When It Comes to Air Conditioning, Size Matters

Size, in this case, refers to a unit's ability to produce cold air, as opposed to the amount of space it takes up. An undersized AC unit will have trouble keeping up on days with more extreme temperatures, and one that is too large will also perform poorly. It will cool the area too quickly, which will make it cycle off and back on rapidly. This can have a negative impact on comfort, as the unit won't dehumidify the air like it should.

If you're unsure of how many BTUs (the measurement of an air conditioner's ability to make cool air) you need for your home, ask an expert for help.

Is The Heating and Air Conditioning System Energy Efficient?

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on air conditioning solutions is efficiency. Today we spend more than ever on utilities, and an AC can push your bills through the roof during the summer — especially if you’ve purchased an inefficient unit. You want maximum comfort for minimum cost, which is why you'll want to pay attention to the SEER rating. This number (which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) should be visible on the outside of the air conditioning unit. Remember, the higher the rating, the more efficient the AC.

Have You Heard from an Expert?

If you’re going to invest in a new AC system, don’t take any unnecessary chances. The right help in your corner can keep you from making a costly mistake when deciding on the best possible options for your home.

At G+S Energy Services, we will provide you with expert insight that will remove all the risks of inexperience from the selection process. Beyond that, we can also handle the installation itself. We'll protect your investment by using industry knowledge that will reduce setbacks and inconveniences. We’ll even work with you to ensure the system runs as efficiently as possible for a very long time.

Get the best possible AC unit for your needs and assistance with all your other heating and air conditioning matters. Call our team of experts at G+S at 704-933-2256 today.  

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