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Can HVAC Zoning Save Me Money Year Round?
Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Do yourself a favor and make home energy efficiency top priority.

HVAC zoning with smart thermostat

Energy efficiency can only truly happen with the right equipment. A zoning system will show a real return on your investment and within a few years the money you save will cover the cost of installation. Heating and cooling bills are usually the biggest expense for homeowners.

By investing in a system that tackles that problem directly, you will be sure to see a significant financial impact from these zoning benefits:

Operational Efficiency

A zoning system makes heating and cooling more efficient by changing the terms of control. For example, only running the system when someone is home and capping the cooling or heating output once a desired temperature has been reached are just two of the simple ways that zoning systems provide better operational efficiency.

Thermostat Pro

A zoning system comes with customized thermostat programming. This feature allows homeowners to monitor their heating and cooling patterns, refine those behaviors, and make improvements that really help save money. For example, running your cooling system in the peak heat of the day is less effective and more costly than cooling down the house a couple hours before the height of midday sun.

Room Control

One of the biggest cost saving benefits is that zoning systems allow for specific control of different areas in your house. You can choose to only heat or cool rooms that are being used, which is a great benefit for bigger houses. Why waste the energy to operate the system cooling or heating an entire house when you really only use a few rooms?

Are you interested in learning more about the ways zoning can save you money? Click here to get more information about how to boost energy efficiency through zoning with our team of experts at G + S Energy.

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