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3 Biggest Heating Mistakes and What You Can Do About Them
Thursday, October 05, 2017
heating mistakes

Some heating and air conditioning mistakes can hurt in both the short and long term, but you can avoid making them in the first place.

No matter how common they are, heating and air conditioning mistakes can end up costing you a fortune if you’re not careful. The expenses wouldn’t be obvious either, as they could build up very gradually over time. Luckily, by remembering what errors to look out for, you can avoid these heating mistakes altogether.

Open Windows Equal Wasted HVAC

Even a window that’s barely open will cause a costly loss of hot air in the winter. Drafts and small leaks can add up to considerable energy loss over time, so be sure to check your windows for any and all air leaks. And make sure they stay closed and locked!

Abusing the Thermostat Is a Heating Mistake

It might be second nature to crank up the thermostat when you come back to a chilly house, but pushing the temperature too high up will overwork your system. It also won't make it heat the house up any faster! Try to keep changes to the settings within two to three degrees.

Ignoring Potential HVAC Issues

If you ever notice strange sounds coming from the furnace or your vents, or if the temperature just doesn’t seem right, don’t ignore it! Pretending issues don’t exist won’t make them go anywhere, and this also applies to HVAC. Issues with your system will only get worse, not better, over time if left alone.

At G+S Energy, we understand the importance of having a heating and air conditioning system that works the way it should. We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes, and our qualified technicians can fix whatever HVAC problems you’re already facing. Get in touch with us today!

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